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Joe's Atelier 

Everything your kids love

Education is not

preparation for life.

Education is life itself.

John Dewey


Joe Ferraro

I'm Giuseppe (Joe, as my very young friends call me) - I'm a confident educationalist, a sociologist of education o


Being a Manny has always been my professional dream and I am happy to share with you and your sons the sweet fruit of my achievements.


I believe in taking life into my owns hands and turning it into a personal masterpiece. Helping you do the same is my greatest joy! Let me tell you a little bit more who I am and what I do.

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Articles about Education

A time to remember.

I am glad to introduce you my best friend and probably the person who helped me to be what I am.

I do not remember a thing about him, but you if you carefully look at his eyes you can easily recognise a sweet child full of dreams and great expectations. Yes, thank you so much Peppe for what you did to keep alive those dreams for all these years.


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