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Joe's Atelier 

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Education is not

preparation for life.

Education is life itself.

John Dewey


Joe Ferraro

I'm Giuseppe (Joe, as my young friends call me) - Confident educationalist and Manny (or male nanny) for 3 to 10 years old boys and girls. I'm highly committed to living my life to the fullest and becoming the best version of myself. Being a Manny has always been my professional dream and I am happy to share with you and your sons the sweet fruit of my achievements. I don't believe in regrets. I believe in taking life into my owns hands and turning it into a personal masterpiece. Helping you do the same is my greatest joy! Let me tell you a little bit more who I am and what I do.

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Kids Education

I carefully consider all aspects of a child's development: emotional, social, physical, and cognitive.  I believe that children can best acquire a rich body of knowledge and the skills needed for future learning through a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and that builds upon itself year by year. 


As a Manny I provide much more than general supervision. I work alongside parents, as a team, to ensure that the children in their care are happy, healthy, and thriving. 


Kids Concierge

Are you having trouble managing work, daily responsibilities, and your children's busy schedules? Perhaps your professional career has demanding or unpredictable hours.  Let me assist with ensuring 'life' does not interfere with your children's success.  

Articles about Education

A time to remember.

I am glad to introduce you my best friend and probably the person who helped me to be what I am.

I do not remember a thing about him, but you if you carefully look at his eyes you can easily recognise a sweet child full of dreams and great expectations. Yes, thank you so much Peppe for what you did to keep alive those dreams for all these years.


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