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Full Body Resonance for Kids

Children are full of energy and this - instead of being perceived as a natural element of their age, is often experienced in a negative way. Parents and educators seem to be more focuse on "conteinment" the kids' energy rather than on its maximasation and transformation.


The Full Body Resonance works on achieving a mind-body harmony and on the ability to self-manage one's psycho-physical energies through gentle and controlled movements.

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The Full Body Resonance (FBR) for children aims to share a practice of self-management of energies and their transformation into states of well-being and relaxation.


The goal of transformation is consistent with that of the liberation of vital energy, rather than its inhibition. In fact, attempts at containment often have the opposite effect, causing an undue state of frustration in children.

Through the FBR, children self-educate themselves to release energies and to manage them with consistency with respect to their onset: assuming relaxing and/or free postures is often perceived as "contrary" to "sitting properly".


By sharing the basic principles of this innovative practice, children will be made aware of their motor skills, their body and the ways to dealing with the "energy emergencies" often confused with states of postural hyper-mobility, widespread nervousness in the hands and in the legs.



Taking comfortable postures that conform to their psycho-physical arousal (activation) state allows children to reach an immediate state of psycho-physical satisfaction and fulfilment, and educators to manage situational emergencies by opposing a resilient and effective strategy.


The FBR consists of a gentle practice focused on slowness and the perception of one's body through harmonic and well-paced movements in relation to a natural and musical atmosphere.


There are also elements of Yoga, Stretching and Mindfulness aimed at a wonderful visual and holistic experience.

The Full Body Resonance program is released in agreement with the nursery/pre or Primary schools of Milan and includes one hour-session for a group of up to 15 children.

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