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About Joe Ferraro

I started out as a primary school English teacher in Italy. It was great first, but then I realised that it was just the first step of my personal growth. I decided to enroll at University of Florence to deep understand both the cognitive and social element of children learning by focusing on creativity processes.  It was easy to have prompt feedbacks of my vocation as I started to work as babysitter and manny.

After taking my Master degree in Sciences of Education, I understood that the market of education was not ready for a revolution in terms of male professional figures in child care services, so I took some days to reprocessing my professional goals and decided to move forward to a highest and even more challenging objective: becoming a general manager of an organisation specialised in education.

I took my second master degree in Sociology of Education (Social & educational service Management) and when I felt ready, I developed my own concept of creative education and created Fashion Ground Academy.

Teaching and mentoring to young adult was very different and even more intense but it gave me plenty of valuable moments that I will never forget and that helped me to understand what I really wanted to do in life: work with kids, help them and their families and inspire people. That was like a new milestone in my life, as I felt it was time to move abroad to reinvent myself by stepping back in my primary and original professional interest: children education.

In 2012 I moved to London, where I finally found what I really needed: a social environment positively oriented towards a new concept of educational processes. In London I was formally recognised as a Male Nanny. For more almost five years I successfully worked as a Manny with kids (3-8 yo), and as I life coach for many professionals and families to help them to find their values, live their dreams and discover their mission in life.


People often ask me how is possible for me to be a male nanny and a life coach as well. I always smile at them, then I answer that, in a special way, adults are not so different from children inside. They both need attention, understanding and support. Motivation is the key we all should consider when we want to change our lives, and motivation has an inner link in the deepest part of ourselves. Happiness is only superficially connected with the symbolic product of our structured societies. What really matters to us relies on what we childishly want, desire, aspire and love.

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Step by step throughout my study experience



High School Diploma in Primary & secondary school teaching.



Primary school Teaching Qualification 



Master Degree in Education Sciences. University of Florence. Specialisation in Creative processes  and training course design, educational processes. Summa cum laude


Master course in HR Management. HKE School. Recruitment, management and people development


Master Degree in Sociology of Education – University of Milano. Specialisation in Educational and social services Management. 



Psychology (Neurosciences). University of Padua.




- National professional qualification for Head Teacher

- National professional qualification for Senior Leadership

- National professional qualification for Middle Leadership


Secondary School.  SATS, GCSE, AS, A-LEVEL, GNVQ


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- I believe in the “learner centred” teaching style, in which the student is considered integrated part and resource of the educational process. This perspective allows me to emphasise  their personal cultural background and their vision on things as the best starting point of their learning experience (Montessori Method).

- In this methodological context, I define myself as a facilitator (mentor) of the student’s learning process.  Involving the students and cooperating with them to their personal growth process implies activate themselves in order to achieve the best results.  As a teacher, I value a balanced correlation between efforts/results.

- My teaching approach relies on developing a very good level of self-confidence in students because only a positive feeling and awareness about their learning skills can permanently support them alongside their cultural and personal growth.

- My teaching style is assertive, focused on achieving all expected results (behaviours, disciplines, tasks, knowledge) and largely based on developing a mentoring figure; a point of reference for them. A personal model and a constant support.

- As regards the teaching methodologies, I promote the “Contextual studies” because they maximise the correlation and the connections between different subjects whilst at the same time developing a complex and contemporary vision of the world.


Nowadays, intelligence is defined more and more as the ability to interconnect multi-dimensional aspects of a problem. For this reasons I have recently adopted the Gardner Method (focused on Multiple Intelligences).


-Child development

- Dealing with conflict

- Motivating students

- Empathising with students

- Giving feedback

- Active listening

- Emotional intelligence

- Assertiveness

- Mentoring

- Career guidance


- Teaching skills

- Confidentiality

- People orientation

- Psychological resilience

- Organisational skills

- Communication skills

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