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The Ateliers are the expression of a complex approach to the education of children in kindergarten.

Loris Malaguzzi -  pedagogist and creator of the Theory of 100 languages ​​- converges towards the Atelier as the methodological heart that allows children to explore the world through the languages ​​that can be used to describe it. Joe Ferraro becomes an authoritative interpreter and promoter at all schools in Milan.


The Ateliers are part of a package of laboratory activities designed for schools wishing to expand their educational offer and raise their standards and their rating in the city.


Body Awareness

Body awareness is the ability to understand where our bodies are in space and how our bodies move.  Body awareness activities for children help us to understand how to relate to objects and people at home, at school and outdoors. 

Sometimes, if people have difficulties with body awareness they may appear clumsy, uncoordinated or have delays in motor skill development.


Cooking and Taste experience

Cooking and tasting are part of an exciting journey of discovering the nutritional properties of food.

Cooking and tasting are a formidable opportunity to promote the creative and also the methodological aspects, promoting in children the meaning of process /procedure, time and give them the ability to change the taste and the concept of ingredient.

The final taste is a triumphant moment that restores self-esteem and the desire to experiment again.


Pre-school writing

Writing can be very fun and a wonderful game in which the graphic sign becomes an onomatopoeic stimulus to compose words, describe sounds and objects of common use.

Thanks to color, each sign also becomes the beginning of a drawing that can give us back extraordinary surprises.


Peers interactions

The new family structures (less and less enlarged) impoverish the ability of children to relate to their peers.

The ateliers focused on interaction, promote the selfdevelopment of relationships and the skill to develop winning strategies of socialization, empathy and to gradually overcome the egocentric perspective.


Nature around

Growing and developing a correct awareness of nature is the key element of an upbringing coherent with the evolution of the human species and its destiny on planet Earth.

Nature is not an amusement park; it is the place of an authentic and lasting relationship. Children already know that. 


Growing up by playing

Movement is crucial for building one's relationship with space, but also for building and sharing social rules. Team play reinforces the concept of relational interdependence and situational leadership. In fact, every child has a wonderful talent to be discovered.


LIfe is a theatre

The show is a macro project that involves all children in something unexpected, in which each child uses their own background and frees their energies: costumes, scenes and sounds are unexplored worlds full of emotions. And then there are the little actors with big roles ... and lots of hats to wear.


Adventurely nature

Nature is the generous mother of adventures and challenging situations in which each child tests himself, his nature and character.

Adventure tours help children organise the world around them according to their needs and expectations.

The key skill is problem solving.


The language of art

Art is a world of discoveries and revelations. Each child finds his inner world and projects it out to talk about himself, his visions and his emotions.

How many languages of art do you know? They all are in my ateliers!


Cooperating and sharing

The men and women of tomorrow are called to carry out the great project of the new humanity. To do this, they will already have to experiment with the dimension of cooperation and the power of sharing. Cooperation and sharing are the relational guidelines on which they will have to follow.

Future is an infinite present.



Listening is not simply hearing. Behind the ability to listen lies the secret of communication, imagination and the way to reach the soul.

Developing listening amplifies the inner narratives, restores the sense of time and structures emotions. Listening is everything!



The scientific universe has its starting point in the sensoriality linked to our body.

The body is a mirror image, representations of the self and the first bridge to discover and understand others as well.

The pleasure of the body is related to our relationship with others and facilitates our emotional interactions. The looks, the grimaces, the smiles and the expressions are the great vocabulary that is useful for us to empathise and develop positive and enhancing interactions.


Story tellling & create a story

Reading and listening are crucial skills as much as the ability to decline time, draw events and be able to give them a narrative sense. Learning to tell a story gives children the power to be able to represent their time and their world, but also to reconstruct the meaning of actions and feelings.


Kindness calls respect

The egocentric dimension in children needs stimuli and suggestions to be reorganized and overcome.

The future will prompt our children to act in solidarity and kindness with others.

Helping others is the first step towards the awareness that our energies serve everyone and that helping is the first form of respect for others. Correspondence, connection, resonance and love are the dimensions that bind us to others.

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